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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Nasza S.A. - consumer warning

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Nasza S.A. - consumer warning
  • UOKiK warning: A telecommunications company known as Nasza S.A. may try to contact you and induce you to sign a contract by impersonating your existing service provider.
  • Beware: signing these documents will result in a change of service provider.
  • Before you sign anything, contact your service provider and ask if they really have prepared an offer for you.

The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has initiated proceedings against Nasza S.A., a telecommunications service provider. Consumers beware – Nasza S.A. is a company which applies unfair practices in the form of misrepresentation; these practices may lead to significant financial losses and adverse consequences for a substantial group of consumers. This is yet another consumer warning from the UOKiK.

– We have been receiving numerous complaints against traders who apply unfair practices by abusing the trust of senior citizens and by answering their questions in hasty, unintelligible manner. Remember: whenever you are approached by a salesperson who holds himself or herself out as being a representative of your telecommunications company or who offers you lower telephone bills or electricity or gas prices, note down the details of the offer and then hang up. Never provide any of your personal information. After that, the next step is to contact your service provider and ask if they really have prepared an offer for you – says Marek Niechciał, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Consumer beware:

  • The representatives of Nasza S.A. usually contact senior citizens and hold themselves out as representing their existing service provider.
  • During the sales call, they offer lower telephone bills and unlimited calls which, however, may in fact be available for an additional fee. In addition, services such as call list or call display as well as an insurance policy covering the payment of fees in the event of the subscriber’s death will also be provided at an additional fee – even without the subscriber’s consent.
  • The company logo is missing from the contract documents, while the company name and contact information are written in small print; the name of the existing service provider, on the other hand, is always displayed prominently on such contracts.
  • Consumers will usually only learn about the change of service provider following the lapse of the period of 14 days during which they may have otherwise cancelled the contract at no extra cost. The penalties charged by Nasza S.A. for contract cancellation is between PLN 500 and 1500.

This is yet another consumer warning issued by UOKiK. Pursuant to the Act on competition and consumer protection, the Office issues a warning when it concludes that an entrepreneur applies illegal practices which may put a substantial group of consumers at the risk of significant financial losses or adverse consequences. Warnings are published on the website of UOKiK.

In addition, the District Prosecution Service in Płock has also initiated proceedings against Nasza S.A.

Additional information for the media:

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Phone: 695 902 088
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