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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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One Life Network - consumer warning

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One Life Network - consumer warning
  • UOKiK warns: OneLife Network may be a pyramid scheme.
  • The benefits from participation in the system are dependent upon encouraging other consumers to join the scheme.
  • OneLife Network is a Belize-based company offering the OneLife and OneAcademy schemes as well as the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

The President of UOKiK is conducting proceedings against OneLife Network Limited, based in Belize. The company encourages its customers to purchase education packages known as OneLife and OneAcademy, offering economic benefits in exchange for persuading others to join the scheme. Upon acquiring the educational package, the consumer also receives a specific allocation of coins. These coins entitle the consumer to acquire the cryptocurrency known as OneCoin. The packages are priced between EUR 110 and EUR 27 500. Every consumer who persuades other individuals to purchase an educational package receives a proportionate reward, resulting in the formation of a hierarchical structure in which payments may only be made provided that new participants keep joining the scheme.

The UOKiK warns: the system devised by OneLife Network may in fact be a pyramid scheme, due to the following factors:

  •  the consumer acquires an educational package in exchange for economic benefits;
  • the benefits from participation in the system are dependent upon encouraging other consumers to join the OneLife Network scheme.

Promotional systems based on a pyramid structure (pyramid schemes) are prohibited. These systems are based upon the concept of a self-financing group of consumers. The participants of such systems pay their own money to the organisers thereof. They also have to encourage others to join the scheme – as do all consumers who decide to participate. A pyramid scheme is particularly dangerous for those who join the scheme at the very end, since it is them who provide the actual financing necessary for the system to maintain its operations.

This is yet another consumer warning issued by the UOKiK. Pursuant to the Act on competition and consumer protection, the Competition Authority issues a warning when it concludes that an undertaking applies illegal practices which may put a substantial group of consumers at the risk of significant financial losses or adverse consequences.

Additional information for the media:

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