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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Media sector under scrutiny of the UOKiK

< previous | next > 11.10.2017

Media sector under scrutiny of the UOKiK
  • The advertising, press, printing and pay television sectors as well as Internet services providers and online platforms have all come under the scrutiny of the UOKiK.
  • The Authority is conducting six sets of market studies pertaining to the broadly understood media sector.
  • The latest proceedings to be initiated pertain to the advertising sector and are intended to determine its structure and level of concentration.

This year, the UOKiK has decided to take a closer look at the media sector. – Six market studies pertaining to the media sector are already underway. We are examining a number of issues, including the relations between press publishers and distributors; we are also analysing the level of concentration in the printing house sector. We wish to learn what is the situation in the media sector and whether any companies may be abusing their dominant position or otherwise interfering with competition on the market – says Marek Niechciał, President of UOKiK.

The most recent market study focuses on the advertising sector. – We have received information which suggests that a high level of market concentration may be occurring in certain segments of this market, which may in turn cause an interference with competition. The first segment that we intend to examine is the television advertising market. – Marek Niechciał adds.

Market studies make it possible to obtain information on the condition of the given sector, including the level of concentration of undertakings and the state of competition. The UOKiK provides a number of selected undertakings with surveys containing detailed questions. Because this course of action makes it possible to obtain first-hand information from the companies which are the most familiar with the given industry, market studies of this kind remain a crucial tool for the UOKiK. In their responses, the undertakings taking part in the survey may point towards the issues which they face as well as provide the Competition Authority with other observations. This allows the UOKiK to mount a response to any irregularities, e.g. when it transpires that one of the undertakings is abusing its dominant position or when the given takeover transaction may result in competition being significantly restricted.

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