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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Are reflectors and high-visibility vests good protection? Audit of the Trade Inspection Authority

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Are reflectors and high-visibility vests good protection? Audit of the Trade Inspection Authority
  • The Trade Inspection Authority examined high-visibility clothing, reflectors and hearing protectors.
  • 30 per cent of products failed to meet the requirements.
  • UOKiK advises on how to choose reflectors and use them properly.

The Trade Inspection Authority thoroughly examined high-visibility clothing, reflective accessories and hearing protectors. The audit was performed in the 2nd quarter of 2017. in nine provinces. Inspectors mainly checked warehouses and shops. They examined 53 products and contested 16 thereof (30.2%), among others due to negative results of laboratory tests, errors in instructions for use and lack of declaration of conformity confirming that the manufacturer has conducted the conformity assessment procedure.

Every second high-visibility vest tested demonstrated insufficient luminance. This means that the users are not adequately visible, which poses a threat to their life and health when using the roadside. In the case of reflectors, no such irregularities were detected, but there were some reservations concerning the instructions for use. The inspectors also contested 5 hearing protectors on grounds of formal non-conformity.

The majority of businesses remedied the shortcomings voluntarily. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection initiated proceedings in five cases.

UOKiK advises: Use reason when buying and using reflectors.

  • Beware of gadgets. Companies frequently distribute accessories which resemble reflectors. However, nobody knows if they have adequate properties because they did not undergo the conformity assessment procedure. A reflector’s conformity with the requirements is evidenced by the CE marking placed directly on the reflector or on the attached label.
  • Essential information. Check if the packaging or label lists the name of the manufacturer and the type of reflector (1 – free-hanging, 2 – removable, 3 – attached permanently).
  • Instructions for use. Must be written in Polish. It will tell you how and where you should attach the reflector, how to use it properly, when not to use it and how to store it so it does not lose its properties.
  • Stay visible. Wear the reflector so that it will be illuminated by car headlights. The lower the better. It will help drivers notice you more quickly. Do not cover the reflector with a scarf or a bag.
  • Right arm or leg. Attach reflective accessories on the side facing vehicle traffic. If, in accordance with the law, you are walking on the left side of the road, wear the reflector on your right arm or leg.
  • Check the condition of reflectors. If the reflective tape sewn onto your clothing or backpack has worn, e.g. in the laundry, replace it. If water has entered a plastic reflector, buy a new one because the old one has lost its properties under the influence of humidity.
  • Any doubts? Contact the Trade Inspection Authority.

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