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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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The never-ending promotion of the Green Magma dietary supplement

< previous | next > 29.05.2018

The never-ending promotion of the Green Magma dietary supplement
  • “Promotion ends today” – proclaimed the adverts for the Green Magma dietary supplement; however, in fact the promotion lasted for a period of two years.
  • Logihub, the distributor for Green Magma, will now refund consumers for half of the price which they paid when purchasing this type of supplement.
  • Want your money back? Contact the distributor: [SCODE]cmVrbGFtYWNqZUBiZXpraWxvZ3JhbW93LnBs[ECODE].

The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection made a decision concerning the company Logihub – the distributor of the Green Magma dietary supplement, which was advertised as being conducive towards weight loss. The Competition Authority challenged the contents of the advertisements for this foodstuff which were being published in the press, on TV as well as on-line from 2015 onwards. The following phrases have raised the concern of the Competition Authority:

1. Never-ending promotion. Green Magma was advertised using slogans which suggested that the consumer would only be able to buy the dietary supplement for a good price at the given moment. However, the Competition Authority was able to determine that Green Magma was never offered for substantially higher prices, with the alleged promotion remaining in effect for an uninterrupted period starting on August 2015. Examples of the slogans used: “Promotion ends today”, “A final opportunity you cannot miss”, “Regular price of an efficient Green Magma weight loss treatment is PLN 500”, “Special offer! Buy the product today for as little as PLN 99”.

“The prices advertised cannot be a mere fiction, while any discounts offered may not be generated in an artificial manner. Such conduct only serves to lure the consumer and induce him or her to buy the given product in an instant. Stating that the given product is available for a promotional price for a limited period only when this is in fact not true amounts to an unfair market practice” – says Marek Niechciał, President of UOKiK.

2. An exceptional product. The Green Magma advertising was likely to suggest that the product had extraordinary qualities. However, it has turned out that no research exists which could be used to back up this claim. Examples of the slogans used: “Takes effect after just 3 days”, “Lose as much as 20 kilogrammes”, “More than 50% of all women in the United States who want to lose weight use Green Magma”.

“Any assurances as to the effects of dietary supplement or as to the popularity thereof should be true and reliable. Consumers rely on advertising and may not have decided to purchase Green Magma if the said advertising contained other information” – Mr Niechciał believes.

Logihub has committed itself to changing its current practices, thereby avoiding the imposition of a fine. The undertaking will no longer use any of the slogans in its advertising which raised the concern of the Competition Authority. In addition, the company will also refund consumers for half of the price for the dietary supplement, regardless of the date of purchase.

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