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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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2nd stage of proceedings: Eurocash - Partner

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2nd stage of proceedings: Eurocash - Partner
  • UOKiK has referred the takeover of Partner by Eurocash to the second stage of proceedings.
  • Both undertakings operate on the food market.
  • A market research is required in this case

The transaction comprising the takeover of Partner by Eurocash was reported to UOKiK by the end of June. Eurocash holds a chain of own stores, such as “Delikatesy Centrum”, “Eko”, as well as chains of partner stores controlled by the company, and a franchise network. Besides, the group includes frisco online platform and an “ABC on wheels” mobile store chain. Partner, i.e. the company being acquired, owns
26 “Lewiatan” stores. The participants of the concentration scheme also operate on the wholesale market. Eurocash supplies wholesale customers, including Partner, with consumer goods, tobacco products and impulse products, as well as alcoholic beverages. 

A market research is required in this case. UOKiK must check whether the activities of individual stores controlled by each company overlap on local markets. Since there also is a buyer-supplier relationship between the acquisition parties, the Authority will check the dependencies on the wholesale market.

The commencement of the second stage of the proceedings is by no means determinative of the ruling which may be given in the future. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection may approve the concentration (conditionally or unconditionally), or may prohibit the transaction.

Additional information

Pursuant to the Act on competition and consumer protection, proceedings pertaining to concentration consist of two stages. The first stage takes up to one month; however, in particularly complex cases where there is a probability of a significant restriction of competition or where a market research is needed, such proceedings may also last longer.

The UOKiK website publishes information on all concentration-related antitrust proceedings conducted by the Authority. More information about the principles governing mergers and acquisitions can be found in a dedicated paper.

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