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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Lidl Polska implements the decision of UOKIK

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Lidl Polska implements the decision of UOKIK
  • Launch of an educational platform for consumers and training for ombudsmen. Visit
  • These are activities of the discount chain Lidl Polska started in connection with implementation of UOKiK’s decision.

The decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) concerns the marketing campaign of the discount chain from the autumn of 2016. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotional campaign, clients of Lidl could return purchased goods within 30 days at any supermarket belonging to the chain. When returning products, consumers were required to present the receipt and the packaging of the goods. It was possible for the contents to be partially used. The discount chain ended the promotion suddenly after less than two weeks, although the regulations stated that it could only do so with one week’s notice, informing of the fact on its website. UOKiK concluded that the company’s conduct may have constituted a practice infringing the collective interests of consumers. The company declared that it would resolve the matter amicably and undertook to conduct and educational campaign for clients as well as training for consumer ombudsmen. UOKiK accepted the conditions of the promise.

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Lidl Polska has prepared an educational programme for its clients, which is available at The aim of the programme is to gain practical knowledge in the scope of consumer rights. The training part was prepared in the form of an e-learning platform under the eye of the Consumer Federation. It covers topics such as complaints, out-of-court dispute resolution, free assistance for consumers and claims against undertakings which employ unfair market practices. The educational campaign begins on 12 November and ends on 3 December 2018.


Furthermore, UOKiK obliged Lidl Polska to organise eight one-day training sessions for consumer ombudsmen and the Trade Inspection Authority. The topics included, among others, aggressive advertising and consumer sales (warranty for defects, guarantee). The training was held in late September and early October in 8 cities: Białystok, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Kielce, Krakow, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław. It was provided by employees of the Consumer Federation and selected experts specialising in consumer-related matters.

Lidl Polska is required to systematically inform UOKiK about performance of the imposed obligations. Details can be found in the issued decision.

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