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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Education campaigns

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  1. More answers Losing data means losing money!

    "Losing data means losing money!" - a campaign by the President of UOKiK

    The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection’s social campaign „Losing data means losing money!” warns consumers about phishing and money theft. Thieves no longer have to steal wallet. Stealing data is all they have to do.

    Consumers are ever more frequently falling victim to cyber criminals. Their methods are becoming ever more sophisticated and new forms of attacks are coming to light nearly every single day. The effectiveness of their criminal activities is boosted by preying on the emotions of potential victims and their difficult situations.

    UOKiK prepared two 30-second spots for broadcast on TV, radio, Internet and graphics in various formats.


    The campaign - launched on 5 December 2022 - serves as a platform allowing the President of UOKiK to warn consumers about the threats associated with losing their data and money, and allows to call for more caution.

    As part of the campaign were held webinars:

    • „Losing data means losing money! - How not to fall victim to scammers” with participation of Szymon Sidoruk, a threat expert from CERT Polska,
    • „What to watch out for in order not to lose data and money” with participation of Krzysztof Wrze¶niowski from the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime of the National Police Headquarters. The experts talked about the methods that cybercriminals use and how not to fall into their traps.

    The webinars are available at:



    Download the complete material package >>>


    More information:

    Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
    Department of Communication
    tel. +48 22 55 60 246
    email: [SCODE]ZGtAdW9raWsuZ292LnBs[ECODE]

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  3. More answers Market Collusion? Give a Signal!

    The UOKiK campaign entitled "Market Collusion? Give a Signal!" was to raise awareness of competition law violations and encourage people to report them. Outreach efforts were addressed to employees in specific industries, including automotive, construction and transportation industries.

    The spot, banners and graphics appeared, for example, on social media and industry-related websites. The campaign ran from 6 to 20 December 2021.

    Find out more about illegal market practices at and give us a signal!



    More information:
    Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)
    Department of Communication
    tel. +48 22 55 60 246
    email address: [SCODE]ZGtAdW9raWsuZ292LnBs[ECODE]

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  5. More answers ABC of the Young Consumer

    Who is a consumer? How to shop smart? What is a receipt and what is it used for? What is a complaint and when can we use it?

    Those issues will be discussed as part of our “ABC of the Young Consumer” – a project for kindergartens and their teachers, educators, and parents.

    A consumer means each of us - the youngest children already get their first experience when shopping with their parents and to a large extent affect their decisions. Education of children is important!

    Parent, carer, teacher - visit and use free educational materials for children aged 4-5. Lesson plans and online games are waiting for you - Shopping memo and “Going shopping”.

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  7. More answers Calculate and don’t miscalculate!

    Calculate and don’t miscalculate! – the social campaign of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection draws public attention to the risk of losing savings and the need to be cautious when making investment decisions.

    Low-interest rates encourage consumers to take out loans to buy a property and invest funds in various financial instruments. This is associated with a high risk of loss of savings or inability to repay liabilities in the future.

    UOKIK prepared two 30-second advertising spots for broadcast on TV and radio.

    The campaign was launched on 6 September 2021.


    Download the complete material package >>>


    More information:

    Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
    Department of Communication
    tel. +48 22 55 60 246
    email: [SCODE]ZGtAdW9raWsuZ292LnBs[ECODE]

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  9. More answers portal is an engaging educational tool for teachers and older students for promoting consumer rights online.

    The website is a social networking simulator that initiates 10 trap events that can be encountered online, including a shopping scam, a BLIK scam, a subscriber trap, alternative investments, a financial pyramid scheme, and a fake charity fundraiser.

    Full movie window:

    The appearance of the website, its content, mechanisms and interactions are identical to those found online. Thus, the users behave naturally - for example, they watch a commercial, read a post, select goods, decide on the method of delivery and form of payment, fill out a form, or hold a conversation with a chatbot.

    In this way, the modus operandi of cyber crooks is shown in a secure manner ( none of the data entered is saved or archived). The users learn the consequences of reckless decisions, which - taken on impulse or out of the desire for quick and high profits - can translate into measurable financial losses. The website shows how to act in a similar situation and what to pay attention to avoid falling victim to fraud. It also gives tips on what to do if such a thing happened.

    Sample Black Friday trap offer

    • Buy 2 products for the price of ONE. The offer includes ASIS PLAY Premium Gaming Notebook 1000 HF for PLN 5200. On the vendor's website you can find only positive reviews, e.g. 5 stars from Bartosz, an executive in a large PR corporation: "I was waiting for a mega bargain because they have top of the line equipment. And it worked! My employees got the best products, and I saved money for the company." Are you buying?

    Educational materials

    For students: our social networking site - in addition to usual news and information - features also attractive offers of services as well as shopping or investment opportunities that students may come across in the form of posts, banner ads or a chat with friends. The student's task is to find the traps and then use them to perform a sequence of actions. In case of difficulty - the student will get some prompts. Each trap situation ends with a short educational video, pdf charts (containing crucial information for the simulation topic and contact details of institutions that might be helpful) and a knowledge test.

    For teachers: there is a special menu for teachers "Resources for educators" on the website. It brings together in one place the buttons to run a given simulation and 10 lesson plans with the most important information related to the topic of the simulation.

    Full movie window:

    An opinion of Jolanta Okuniewska, a teacher from Primary School No. 13 in Olsztyn, Honorary Professor of Education, finalist of many prestigious Polish and international awards, including Teacher of the Year and Global Teacher Prize, who uses new technologies in her work with students:

    - The site is built like a real social network and I assure you that when start browsing through it, you will soon literally forget that it is an educational platform. This is what its purpose is. It has happened to me several times. On the site, you can find elaborated traps lurking online. These include, for example, Black Friday  offers, some shopping bargains waiting on us  here and there and tempting to make money safely without leaving home. Everything is shown in such a real, genuine way," she said. - The site is designed especially for older students, but older elementary school classes will also find a lot of useful material there. Materials for teachers have been especially carefully and meticulously prepared. I think that by educating our youth, we will also educate their parents and other adults, because, to be honest, I have found a lot of useful information on this site myself. I highly recommend using the site in your work.  


    The simulator was released on 15 March 2021, during World Consumer Day.

    The web portal was created as part of the project titled "Cyber-safe consumer - active education" carried out by the ProPublika Foundation for Legal Education, with funding from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

    Join in the promotion of the portal!

    We encourage you to download promotional materials and post them on your website, social media and other mediums to help increase the portal's visibility. If you have any questions/suggestions about the simulator, please contact us at: [SCODE]ZGtAdW9raWsuZ292LnBs[ECODE].

    More information:

    Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
    Communications Department
    tel. +48 22 55 60 246
    email: [SCODE]ZGtAdW9raWsuZ292LnBs[ECODE]

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  11. More answers Check, read, ask!

    The social campaign of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection aims to draw attention to the increased threat of unfair market practices and fraud.

    Consumer complaints indicate that many people are being targeted by offers of alternative financial investments that fraudulently guarantee a quick, risk-free return. Consumers are also persuaded to buy products or services fraudulently ensuring health care or treatment.

    UOKiK prepared two spots warning against such practices.

    Download spot 1

    Download spot 2

    Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, encourages all media, institutions and NGOs to join the "Check, read, ask!" campaign by sharing the spots.

    The campaign was launched on 15 July 2020.

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  13. More answers If you are saving, investing – be careful!

    The campaign conducted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) aims at drawing consumers' attention to the threat of unfair market practices when concluding savings-related contracts. Even very risky investments can be presented as safe, e.g. deposits, bonds, investments in real estate or in gold and diamonds. This may mean a loss of money.

    UOKiK prepared a 30-second spot which warns that a large and quick profit always means a big risk. It reminds you to check the offer, take your time before deciding and not to sign the contract under pressure.

    The campaign was launched on February 1, 2019.

    Spot - If you are saving, investing – be careful!


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  15. More answers Be careful, senior!

    Be careful, senior! ― the UOKiK’s campaign aimed at warning consumers against unfair practices of some entrepreneurs while concluding off-premises contracts, i.e. during presentations or at the consumer’s place of residence. The problem considers the purchase of cooking equipment, linen and paramedical products as well as the sale of telecommunications, gas and energy services. Very often consumers – primarily the elderly – are misled and as a result they bear serious financial losses by incurring financial commitments or paying contractual penalty for breaking the contract with the existing provider of services.

    The campaign was launched on 15 March 2018.

    Educational materials consisted of two spots paying attention to the risk and informing about the right to withdraw from the contract concluded off-premises. They also encourage to take advantage of free of charge legal aid.

    Spot 1


    Spot 2

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  17. More answers Make friends with arbitration

    Make friends with arbitration (Polub polubowne) – it is a slogan of UOKiK’s campaign which aimed at informing as many people as possible about amicable consumer dispute settlement procedures. The campaign launched in September 2017.

    Information materials consisted of advertising spots encouraging to visit the website including the register of institutions dealing with alternative dispute resolution, animated infographics, clarifying how to use these methods, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and downloadable materials – a leaflet, among others.

    Spots were broadcast on the Internet and in the means of public transport.

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Phone


    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Laptop

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Financial services

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Telecommunications services



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  19. More answers Law says that you can

    Law says that you can (Takie prawo, że można) with this slogan UOKiK launched a campaign informing about consumer’s rights (January and October 2015).

    Two questions were raised during the campaign 14 days to withdraw from the contract concluded on the Internet and the rules of complaint of defective goods. Moreover, the material encouraged to visit the website, as well as useful files to download, such as: brochures, leaflets, complaints procedures and template forms.

    Spot – online shopping

    Spot – traditional shopping

    Spots were broadcast on television, radio and Internet as well as on the LCD screens placed in  newsagent’s, cash machines and public transport.

    Posters presenting the complaint procedures were also displayed within the campaign.


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