Closing of the twinning project in Morocco
  • On 12 December 2023 in Rabat, a conference was held to conclude the two-year twinning project for the Moroccan Competition Council.
  • UOKiK implemented it as a Junior Partner in a consortium with the antitrust authorities from Greece (Hellenic Competition Commission, HCC) and Italy (The Italian Competition Authority, AGCM).

The main objective of the activities undertaken under the project 'Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Competition Authority' was to provide expert support in the implementation of specific legislative and regulatory measures that will serve the development of a competitive economy for the benefit of businesses and consumers in Morocco. UOKiK had a leading role in 2 components: "Modernization of the regulatory and methodological tools in line with the EU acquis and good practices” and "Support in promoting the competition culture". Under Component 2, the Office's experts developed nine guides on, inter alia, contacts with entrepreneurs, the leniency programme and the searches, sharing their knowledge and years of experience gained when applying these tools in Poland. In Component 4, UOKiK supported the Moroccan Competition Council in developing a communication strategy and was responsible for conducting training sessions for media representatives and universities. 

The conference concluding the project was attended by the experts from the antitrust offices of Morocco, Greece, Poland, Italy and the ambassadors from the partner countries implementing the project and the EU delegation in Morocco. On the part of UOKiK, project activities were summarised by the Vice-President Daniel Mańkowski and Agnieszka Ciucias, Deputy Director of UOKiK Delegation in Poznań, who was responsible for the coordination of Component 2. 

Twinning projects are initiated and funded by the European Commission, and their main objective is to support and develop public institutions from EU candidate and neighbourhood countries, as well as some countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. They involve the exchange of experience in the implementation of EU law and allow for the establishment of long-term cooperation between the partners.

Closing of the twinning project in Morocco, 2023 Closing of the twinning project in Morocco, 2023


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