Consumer online

Do you buy online? How can you protect yourself from the traps of scammers or dishonest sellers?

Do you teach at a school? Do you provide activities for young people? Are you a parent or carer? How to educate in a modern way?

Take advantage of our interactive, free educational tool about consumer rights on the internet.

It’s an portal simulator in which 10 events-traps realistically encountered on the web are waiting for you: shopping scam, BLIK code phishing, subscriber trap, financial pyramid, fake charity collection.

You’ll experience the tricks of cyber scammers, talk to a chatbot, watch an advertisement, visit a vendor's website, buy goods or a service, and then... learn the consequences of that decision. All these will happen in a safe space, with no real consequences. You will also learn where you could ask for help.

Teacher! Educator! We have a special menu and 10 lesson plans for you, the topics of which fit into the core curriculum of secondary schools and the older grades of elementary school.

The portal was created in cooperation with ProPublika Foundation.