Do you invest? Give yourself time. Check, read, ask!
  • On 15 March, on the World Consumer Day, we are launching a public awareness campaign.
  • We warn against fake investments. Watch out - scammers lend credibility to scam ads with fake images of famous people.
  • Join the UOKiK campaign! We are inviting media, institutions and organizations to join us.

Anyone can fall victim to cyber scammers. Anyone may be tempted by advertisements for profitable risk-free investments in currencies, crypto-assets, bills, equity or bonds. Familiar and well-liked faces, unlawfully used, give credence to the false message and act as a magnet. Best deal ever? One click followed by immediate profit? President of Office of Competition and Consumer Protection Tomasz Chróstny warns against risk and loss of money - Do you invest? Give yourself time. Check, read, ask!

- It's very important to inform and warn consumers as widely as possible about fake investments. Cyber criminals are not relenting - depending on trends they come up with new ways to scam money out of individuals by honing their social engineering skills and schemes. They impersonate famous people or large and respected companies. And invariably- they promise quick, easy and high profits. Let's be careful! These scams can lead to loss of life savings - urges President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny.

About the campaign

The UOKiK’s spots focus on investments promoted on the Internet that illegally use the image of people from the world of culture, sports or entertainment, or well-known companies or brands. The well-known and liked are supposed to raise the credibility of a given venture. Created using artificial intelligence, they are real and convincing. Scam scenarios change but their invariable goal is to extort money. The attack may involve obtaining data, such as logins and passwords, or acting directly - soliciting transfers. 

Spot – Famous person scam

Spot – Investment scam

The launch of the campaign is another educational effort by the President of UOKiK to increase consumer awareness and safety. Since 15 March this year, the spots will be broadcast free of charge by public media pursuant to Article 31c of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act, as well as by commercial broadcasters who have agreed to support the campaign free of charge. 

Starting tomorrow, spots can be seen or heard in: Polish Television, Comedy Central, MTV, TV Trwam, Polish Radio, Polish Radio Lublin, Polish Radio Białystok, Polish Radio Zachód, Radio ESKA, ESKA 2, VOX, Radio Zet and Multikino and Wirtualna Polska. 

Join the UOKiK campaign!

We are inviting media, institutions and organizations to join us. Following the Europol IOCTA Report , online investment scams are one of the quickest evolving types of cybercrime, generating losses worth millions that affect thousands of victims.

- On 15 March, we are celebrating the World Consumer Day, and 2024 is the Year of Economic Education. This is all the more reason for me to encourage a concerted warning against scams. Many thanks to those who have already joined our campaign free of charge. We are all consumers. Let's take care of our financial security together- the foundation of economic prosperity - says the President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny. 

We have prepared various formats for two 30-second spots and graphics: for TV, radio, portals, social media, LCD screens. Visit download and share!

Additional information for the media

UOKiK Press office

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baseline-phone+48 22 55 60 246

Consumer support:


baseline-phone801 440 220 or 22 266 76 76  
– consumer helpline
Consumer Ombudsmen  
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