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Do you invest? Give yourself time. Check, read, ask! 

Can you see an ad for risk-free investment with the image of a famous person or company? Best deal ever? One click followed by immediate profit?

Watch out! This could be a scam! Investing always involves risk. The rich and famous could act as false bait. You could lose everything!

UOKiK prepared two spots warning against such practices:


Spot by UOKiK – “Famous person” scam

Spot by UOKiK – “Investment” scam





The UOKiK campaign “Do you invest? Give yourself time. Check, read, ask!” warns about false investments, which gain credibility through the unauthorized use of the celebrities’ images. 

We are bombarded by commercials that promise quick and risk-free ways to make vast sums by investing in currency, crypto-assets, equity or bonds. Famous faces or companies, used illicitly, guarantee profit. 

Best deal ever! One click followed by immediate profit! 

Cyber criminals are not relenting - depending on trends they come up with new ways to scam money out of individuals by honing their social engineering skills and schemes.

Watch out! 

You could lose everything! Online scams are one of the quickest evolving types of cybercrime, generating losses worth millions that affect thousands of victims.

The campaign started on 15 March 2024, on the World Consumer Day.

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Other campaigns

Losing data means losing money! – the campaign warns consumers about phishing and money theft. Thieves no longer have to steal wallet. Stealing data is all they have to do.

Consumers are ever more frequently falling victim to cyber criminals. Their methods are becoming ever more sophisticated and new forms of attacks are coming to light nearly every single day. The effectiveness of their criminal activities is boosted by preying on the emotions of potential victims and their difficult situations.

UOKiK prepared two spots warning against such practices.

As part of the campaign were held two webinars with participation of an threat experts from CERT Polska and Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime of the National Police Headquarters:

The campaign was launched on December 5, 2022.



Calculate and don’t miscalculate! – the social campaign of the UOKiK goal was to draw public attention to the risk of losing savings and the need to be cautious when making investment decisions.

Low-interest rates encourage consumers to take out loans to buy a property and invest funds in various financial instruments. This is associated with a high risk of loss of savings or inability to repay liabilities in the future.

UOKiK prepared two spots.

As part of the campaign were also prepared: 

  • calculator which allows to check how much the loan installment will increase if the interest rate changes,
  • webinar about investing or purchasing real estate on credit with participation of experts from the UOKiK, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, representatives of a consumer organization and the district consumer ombudsman. 

The campaign was launched on September 6, 2021.


The UOKiK campaign entitled "Market Collusion? Give a Signal!" – goal was to raise awareness of competition law violations and encourage people to report them. Outreach efforts were addressed to employees in specific industries, including automotive, construction and transportation.

Find out more about illegal market practices at and give us a signal!

The campaign lasted from 6 to 20 December 2021. 


The action of the UOKiK attracted society's attention to the increasing threats associated with using the internet. It was held on the occasion of World Consumer Day.  

The UOKiK promoted a educational tool – simulator with traps, prepared together with the ProPublika Foundation. The portal was created with young people in mind, but it can be still used by any internet user for entertainment in their free time. More about symulator >>>


The campaign lasted from 15 to 19 March 2021. 

The UOKiK’s campaign aims to draw attention to the increased threat of unfair market practices and fraud.

Consumer complaints indicate that many people are being targeted by offers of alternative financial investments that fraudulently guarantee a quick, risk-free return. Consumers are also persuaded to buy products or services fraudulently ensuring health care or treatment.

UOKiK prepared two spots warning against such practices.

The campaign lasted from July 15 to December 20, 2020.


The campaign conducted by the UOKiK aims at drawing consumers' attention to the threat of unfair market practices when concluding savings-related contracts. Even very risky investments can be presented as safe, e.g. deposits, bonds, investments in real estate or in gold and diamonds. This may mean a loss of money.

UOKiK prepared a spot which warns that a large and quick profit always means a big risk. It reminds you to check the offer, take your time before deciding and not to sign the contract under pressure.

The campaign was launched on February 1, 2019.


Be careful, senior! – the UOKiK’s campaign aimed at warning consumers against unfair practices of some entrepreneurs while concluding off-premises contracts, i.e. during presentations or at the consumer’s place of residence. 

The problem considers the purchase of cooking equipment, linen and paramedical products as well as the sale of telecommunications, gas and energy services. Very often consumers – primarily the elderly – are misled and as a result they bear serious financial losses by incurring financial commitments or paying contractual penalty for breaking the contract with the existing provider of services.

Educational materials consisted of two spots paying attention to the risk and informing about the right to withdraw from the contract concluded off-premises. They also encourage to take advantage of free of charge legal aid.

The campaign was launched on March 15, 2018.