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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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European Competition Network (ECN)

The European Competition Network (ECN) is based on the provisions of EU Council Regulation No 1/2003/EC of 16 December 2002 on the implementation of the rules on competition laid down in Article 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty (later Art. 101 and 102 of the TFEU). UOKiK represents Poland in the ECN, which comprises the antitrust authorities of the Member States and the European Commission. The ECN was established as a forum for discussion and cooperation among European competition authorities in cases where Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union apply. The ECN ensures an efficient division of work and an effective and consistent application of the EU competition rules. The European Commission and the competition authorities of the EU Member States cooperate with each other through the ECN by:

  • keeping each other informed of new cases and planned decisions;
  • coordinating investigations;
  • supporting each other in the conduct of proceedings;
  • information sharing;
  • conducting regular meetings and seminars.


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