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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Foreign cooperation

The competencies of the President of UOKiK include cooperation with international institutions and organisations dealing with competition and consumer protection and the implementation of Poland's international obligations in these areas. As a member state of the European Union, Poland participates in the Community decision-making process and pursues close cooperation with EU institutions and other EU countries.

The International Cooperation Office is responsible for international contacts





As part of the European Union’s (EU) decision-making process, UOKiK participates in the work of the EU Council, its preparatory bodies and working groups, including those for competition, consumer and information protection, or technical harmonisation. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection cooperates with the European Commission, in particular with the Directorates-General for Competition, Justice and Consumers Enterprise and Industry, Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. In addition, UOKiK cooperates with the European Parliament and other EU institutions.

On the basis of the adopted law and appropriate procedures, the European Commission (EC) and national competition and consumer protection authorities of all EU Member States cooperate with each other by informing about new cases of abuse of the law and by exchanging information, documents and experience in conducting proceedings. This is served by the European Competition Network (ECN), and the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC). You can read more about these and other European structures below.



At the global level, UOKiK actively participates in consumer and competition protection activities of organisations such as:



An important area of cooperation with foreign countries is the development by UOKiK of direct contacts with its counterparts from Poland's partner countries - both within and outside the EU. The Office continuously exchanges information and experience by preparing studies on specific issues and by conducting projects or organising seminars and study visits.


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