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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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International Competition Network (ICN)

The mission of the International Competition Network (ICN), is to promote the adoption of the highest standards and procedures in competition policy worldwide and to seek to facilitate effective international cooperation for the benefit of member agencies, consumers and economies. Representatives from the antitrust agencies work together in five working groups:


ICN Framework for Competition Agency Procedures (CAP)

Fair and effective procedures are essential for proper enforcement of competition law. To support this idea, the ICN has published the ICN Framework on Competition Agency Procedures, an initiative joined by UOKiK. In addition to our office, 72 other competition agencies have agreed to cooperate under this agreement. The overarching goal of the agreement, is to maximise procedural fairness, minimise administrative burden on participants operating in different jurisdictions and with different resources, while making the most important antitrust laws and policies more visible.

Each participating agency has completed a report on how they adhere with the CAP. The documents are available on the ICN CAP website.


The 2013 Annual Conference of the International Competition Network in Poland

In April 2013, UOKiK hosted the annual ICN conference. More than 500 high-level representatives from competition authorities and international organisations such as OECD, European Commission, World Bank, UNCTAD attended this event. Details of the event are also described in the links below:


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