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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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IP Group Robert Kałuża - consumer warning

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IP Group Robert Kałuża - consumer warning
  • The UOKiK warns consumers against Mr Robert Kałuża, conducting activities under the business name “IP Group”.
  • This dishonest trader maintains a number of websites under different addresses, advertising his services as that of a loan company.
  • The interested consumers send premium text messages or wire transfers in order to apply; however, the loan is ultimately never provided.

Apply for a loan NOW! Fill in the application form without any additional certificates and from the comfort of your home! The money will appear on your account within the matter of hours — no guarantors, no unnecessary formalities and no check-ups at the Credit Information Bureau — These are just some of the slogans posted on Mr Robert Kałuża’s websites, encouraging consumers to take advantage of the offer. The sites also offer loan calculators and other information suggesting that loans may be taken out online. All the interested customer must do is send a premium text message or make a wire transfer. In most cases, the cost is above PLN 30. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has learned, however, that the loans are ultimately never granted.

The dishonest trader maintains a number of websites under various addresses. Nearly 40 of them have already been taken down by the respective web hosting companies; however, there is a risk that new ones may appear.

In connection with the information received, the President of UOKiK has instituted proceedings against Mr Robert Kałuża, and decided to warn consumers, because the trader’s practices may lead to significant financial losses and adverse consequences for a substantial group of consumers. This is yet another consumer warning from the UOKiK in the present case.

In the view of the Competition Authority, the activities of this trader may expose consumers interested in taking out a loan to financial losses. The trader holds himself out as an actual loan company and a professional financial counselling entity. In reality, however, the trader grants no loans whatsoever, the sole objective of his activities being to obtain payments for so-called “intermediation services”.

Pursuant to the Act on competition and consumer protection, the Office issues a warning in case of strongly justified suspicion that a trader may be applying illegal practices which may put a substantial group of consumers at a risk of significant financial losses or adverse consequences. Warnings are published on the website of UOKiK.

We encourage all consumers who have suffered a loss as a result of the activities of Mr Kałuża to notify law enforcement agencies of the suspected commission of a criminal act. The case is currently being handled by the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rybnik (case file no. PR 2 Ds 356.2017).

Trader against whom a consumer warning was issued by the UOKiK:

Robert Kałuża, conducting business activities under the business name IP - GROUP Robert Kałuża, address: ul. Powstańców ¦l±skich 21, 44-200 Rybnik.

List of blocked website addresses:


Additional information for the media:

Press Office of the UOKiK
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Phone: 695 902 088
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