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Safe playground

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Safe playground
  • Do you know what a playground safe for children should look like?
  • You can find the answer to this question at
  • It is a website with practical information for parents, guardians and the owners and managers of children's playgrounds.

Playground is a space of joy, experiments and creativity development. It is also a place that must be safe for children. This requires not only vigilance on the part of parents and guardians, but also responsibility on the part of those involved in setting up and maintaining children's playgrounds. For all those interested in the subject of playground safety, we have prepared an educational website at "I encourage you to visit this website," says Tomasz Chróstny, the President of UOKiK.

It is important to note that issues relating to playground safety are not within the remit of UOKIK. There are, however, few publications or websites dedicated to this topic. Therefore, with the youngest consumers in mind, the Office decided to fill this gap and prepared a website with practical information and advice for parents as well as managers and owners of playgrounds. They can be accessed on the website and downloaded in electronic form.

Advice for parents and guardians

  • Remember that the greatest danger for children when they are playing is to fall on hard surfaces. Surfaces made of synthetic (e.g. rubber) or natural (such as sand, gravel, wood chips) materials are the safest option.
  • Playground equipment should be properly fixed to the ground and stable, e.g. when a child is standing, swinging or jumping. If possible, check them yourself - shake them, touch their surface, look for sharp edges. 
  • Some equipment may not be suitable for your child's age and height. If a child is unable to climb onto a piece of equipment on their own, chances are they are not going to get off safely either.
  • Check if the equipment the child is playing on does not have gaps or openings where the head, limbs or fingers could get trapped.
  • Do not attach cords, ribbons, lanyards or clothes to the equipment.
  • If you notice that the playground is not safe, do not repair the equipment yourself. It is best to inform the building control inspectorate located in your district.

Advice for managers and owners of playgrounds

  • Most often, the construction of a playground requires a notification to the local architectural department – consult a designer for assistance in this regard.
  • When deciding on the type of surface, choose safe synthetic materials or natural loose substrate.
  • Only order equipment that complies with standards.
  • Before commissioning the playground, have its safety assessed as part of a post-assembly inspection.
  • Put up an information board with contact details for the entity responsible for the safety of the site, the address of the playground and the emergency number for emergency services.
  • If you want to limit the risks associated with running a playground, purchase an adequate liability insurance.
  • Remember to inspect, maintain, repair and document the activities carried out (the so-called playground maintenance log).
  • Check the condition of all equipment at least once a week.
  • Once a month or quarter, inspect the wear and tear on equipment, fencing, accessories. Adjust the frequency of inspections to playground occupancy.
  • Conduct an annual master inspection with the involvement of an external body. This independent inspection should mainly cover wear and tear on equipment, surfaces, and the safety of those pieces of equipment that were repaired during the year. Inspect not only the equipment but the whole playground, including paths, seats, fences, entrances.
  • Follow up on post-inspection recommendations.

For more details, see the "Safe Playground" guide at

Where to report an unsafe playground?

Notify the manager or owner in the first place. You can also report objections to the building control inspectorate in every district.

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