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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Safe gift for the little one

< previous | next > 31.05.2022

Safe gift for the little one
  • Almost half of the tested toys for children under the age of three did not meet the formal or design requirements.
  • The most serious issues were the presence of too small elements in toys, incorrectly drawn up declarations of conformity and the lack of required warnings. Download the report and the list of tested toys.
  • What to pay attention to while buying the gift? Check what we recommend.

Children's Day is coming. When choosing gifts for this occasion, it is worth paying attention to their safety.

- We make sure that the toys that our children receive are safe. Us and the Trade Inspection test toys all year round - we tear them, burn, crush and drop them from heights - in other words, they are subject to strict testing, e.g., in a specialised laboratory of the UOKiK in Lublin. During the last inspection, we checked whether 110 toy models intended for children under the age of three were correctly labelled and if there were no design defects, e.g., too small elements that could be easily swallowed by a child. We also checked whether the products were solidly made and did not produce sounds that were too loud and that could expose children to hearing damage. Please familiarise yourself with the detailed results of the inspection - says Tomasz Chróstny, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Are you going to buy a gift for Children's Day?

  • Choose a toy that is suitable for the age of the little one. Make sure that the packaging does not say: "Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months/3 years" or that there is no graphic symbol equivalent of such information. Apart from this warning or in the instructions, the manufacturer should give a brief description of the hazard, e.g. the presence of small parts. For example, dolls for babies, mascots or teethers must not contain small elements - a child can choke on them.
  • Make sure that the toy is safe. Check if there are no sharp edges, stiff or protruding parts. Often, a small irregularity can be the cause of a major accident. Foldable doll prams or ironing boards for children must be equipped with a safety lock. With regard to toys that the child can enter (e.g. tent, house), the door or lid should open easily. With regard to swings, check the strings and ropes - whether they are strong and the knots won't untie. Examine the toy carefully before buying it.
  • Read the user manual. They should be included with e.g. bikes, scooters or swings. If the product requires self-assembly - the manufacturer is obliged to attach the assembly instructions to the product.
  • The CE marking should be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the toy, to the packaging or to the attached label. It is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets all technical and legal requirements. It is then reasonable to assume that the toy is safe for small users.
  • Pay attention to the sound that the toy makes. Depending on the type of toy (e.g. a rattle, a telephone or a little piano) and the duration of the sound, the maximum permissible sound level is between 60 and 130 dB. Unfortunately, those requirements can only be checked in a laboratory. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that the toy produces a sound at an acceptable level, i.e. the manufacturer should have a test report proving compliance with this parameter. Before purchase, buyers can only listen to the sounds the toy makes and check whether or not they are unpleasant or too sharp to the ear.
  • Before buying a light-up toy, make sure that the light is not too intense - this can have a negative effect on the child's eyesight.
  • Access to the battery must be well protected. The battery should only be accessible with the use of a suitable tool (e.g. screwdriver) or by making two independent movements (e.g. pulling and twisting). In the first case, the screw must be permanently inserted into the flap of the battery compartment cover so that it cannot be fully unscrewed and removed.
  • Make sure that the child does not swallow toys the size of which increases after contact with water, e.g., after 24 hours of soaking. This poses a risk of suffocation for the child or obstruction of the digestive tract if the toy expands in size after being swallowed.

Going to the playground with the little one? Visit - it is a website with practical information for parents, guardians as well as the owners and managers of children's playgrounds.

Download the report and the list of tested toys.

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