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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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The portal reaps rewards

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The portal reaps rewards
  • A Financial Education Council Award and a nomination for the Consumer Education Awards 2022 for an educational portal developed by the UOKiK.
  • - if you don't know this address yet, check it out! It is a free educational simulator available to all web users.
  • The award-winning portal was created in cooperation with the ProPublika Foundation.

"Educating young consumers is a challenge. How to interestingly teach them to distinguish when an online offer is genuine and when it's a trap? There is no single recipe – we focus on innovation and practical testing of the acquired knowledge. The portal teaches the right consumer habits on the Internet. Through its functionalities, we convince people that it is worth following the rule: I surf, I check... and only after consideration do I buy. The competences thus gained are used to make rational and safe decisions. We are very satisfied that the project has been recognised by professionals at the national and international levels. We are also pleased that it generates a lot of interest among students and teachers. This gives us even more motivation to develop this tool," says the President of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny. has received a distinction from the Financial Education Council, which recognised its impact on the development of financial literacy in Polish society. Another laureate of the Council's distinction is the BAKCYL project (Bankers for Financial Education of Youth). Both initiatives teach and help the youth gain experience in the world of finance. More about the distinctions (in Polish).


The portal has also gained recognition from the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN). It has been nominated for the Consumer Education Awards 2022 in the field of consumer education in the "Equality and Inclusion" category. ICPEN is an organisation bringing together consumer protection authorities from 72 countries worldwide.

See if you'd fall into the trap! Use the award-winning tool in your work as an educator! Enter and gain knowledge on It's a specially designed portal resembling a social networking site where, alongside traditional posts, users will find e.g. online shops, chatbots and videos full of traps. In addition to this, the portal has been created with educators in mind and 10 lesson plans await them. Classes that can be conducted using the simulator fit into the core curriculum of secondary schools and the higher grades of primary school.

I surf, I check, I buy!

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Consumer support:

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