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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Notification regarding the suspicion of excessive delay in payment can be submitted to UOKiK by anyone - both by the entrepreneur who is a creditor and by any person suspecting that a given entity is in excessive delay in payment to its contractors. The notification should include all information relevant to the initial assessment of the case, i.e.

  • details of the suspected entity,
  • description of the facts on which the notification is based,
  • making the excessive delay in payment plausible,
  • data identifying the notifier.

The notification should be accompanied by documents that may constitute evidence in the case. The notifier's data is not disclosed at any stage of the proceedings.

Please note that UOKiK initiates proceedings only ex officio, not upon request. Therefore, the notification does not automatically lead to the initiation of the administrative proceedings by UOKiK, as the office is obliged to check whether the conditions for initiating proceedings specified in the provisions have been met, i.e. whether the value of delays exceeded the threshold specified in the Act.
This threshold is PLN 5 million for proceedings initiated in 2020 and 2021 and PLN 2 million for proceedings initiated since 2022.       

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, the notifier will receive information regarding his/her notification.


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