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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

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Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, was established on 30 September 1961 and brings together 38 highly developed and democratic countries. Its aim is to help member states achieve the highest possible level of economic growth and living standards for their citizens. UOKiK staff members participate in the OECD works in the Competition Committee and in the Committee for the Consumer Policy and its subordinate working groups.


OECD - Competition

The OECD Competition Committee is the most important international forum in the field of competition policy and law, which brings together the heads of antitrust offices of the Member States from all over the world. It is the primary initiator of competition policy analysis and an advisory body to governments, and is responsible for promoting market reforms, including efforts to address restrictive practices.

During the meetings, representatives of the Office analyse the sectors of the economy in which the most frequent violations of competition law occur. Together with experts from other countries, they exchange experiences in antitrust proceedings and look for the best solutions to improve the state of competition in national markets. They also present issues related to the implementation of competition policy in Poland and discuss current developments in antitrust law. While fulfilling its international role in complying with competition protection regulations, UOKiK participates in the works of the OECD Competition Committee and its specialised working groups on competition and regulation as well as on cooperation and law enforcement.


The most important events and links:

Every year UOKiK presents a report on the development of competition policy in Poland:


Global Forum on Competition

Since 2001, the OECD has held annual meetings of The Global Forum on Competition where more than 110 government representatives and various organisations from around the world meet to discuss major competition issues, promote global cooperation and discuss competition policy among governments and organisations. The topics from most recent yearly meetings can be accessed under the links below:


OECD - Consumers

The OECD Committee on Consumer Policy

This committee brings together representatives of the Member States' central consumer policy authorities as well as experts from social organisations and entrepreneurs. The Committee remains one of the major intergovernmental forums with global reach that addresses consumer policy. The work of the Committee focuses on promoting cooperation between OECD Member States and third countries and the implementation of legal recommendations in the field of consumer protection. The Committee also cooperates with consumer organisations, entrepreneurs and academia, conducting consultations on the creation of effective consumer policy mechanisms aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the global economy and consumer protection.


Working Party on Consumer Product Safety

The work of the OECD on consumer product safety aims to improve cooperation between jurisdictions, effectively exchange information, and promote cooperation between product safety market surveillance, enforcement and regulatory bodies worldwide. This cooperation is reflected in:

  • early recognition of consumer product safety issues;
  • sharing practices and regulatory developments;
  • consistently addressing consumer product safety issues through regular participation and support for global and regional forums.



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