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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Polish aid

Polish Aid

Polish aid is Polish development cooperation implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pursuant to the Act of 16 September 2011 on development cooperation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs implements activities in cooperation with government administration bodies, social organisations and local entities in partner countries, as well as within the framework of international organisations. All activities within the scope of Polish aid are based on the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme, which defines activities supported by Poland in terms of area and subject matter. In 2021, Development Cooperation Plan implements the assumptions of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Program for 2021-2030 - Solidarity for Development.


UOKiK in the Polish aid project in Armenia (2021)

Currently, UOKiK is carrying out a project within the framework of "Polish Aid" titled: Institutional Strengthening of the Republic of Armenia in Building a Consumer Protection System as part of the 2021 Development Cooperation Plan.

UOKiK project supports the central administration of the Competition Protection Commission (CPC) in Armenia in applying the principles of good governance by building such institutional arrangements that will support the implementation of consumer protection policies. This policy should be based on correct legislation and the experience of European Union countries. The project will implement activities through training sessions, study visits, and analysis of relevant legislative documents to develop substantive and legal recommendations for strengthening consumer protection.


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