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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Privacy policy

  • Personal data provided by the users by means of electronic forms is kept by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection on the base defined in the Polish law, especially in the Act of 29 August 1997 on Data Protection (consolidated text Journal of Laws, No. 101, item 926)
  • In order to facilitate the use of the Site the mechanism managing it uses the technology known as cookies - information recorded by the UOKiK’s server on the user’s computer. It is not used to accquiry information about the persons visiting the Site or observe their navigation. The user at any moment can reset his browser to refuse all cookies. However, this may diminish their experience at our Site.
  • The collected server’s logs (IP address, domain) are stored for an undefined time and used to generate statistics helpful in administrating the Site. These summaries are of a collective character and reveal nothing personal about the UOKiK’s Site visitors. The logs are not disclosed to persons not related to managing the Site.
  • UOKiK is not responsible for the Privacy Policies of Internet Web sites to which there are links on the UOKiK Web site.


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