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What is RSS?  

RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering frequently updated news headlines or information on the web. It is based on XML language. The RSS readers allow the users to collect and monitor their favourite web content immediately after its publication. The RSS format is like a newsletter, however you have an access to individually chosen information without losing your privacy while joining each site’s email newsletter.
Thanks to RSS:
  • You retrieve the content only from the sites you are really interested in – without graphics, advertisements and spam;
  • You receive only the contents (news headlines) and by clicking it you receive the full information
How to use RSS?
To read a RSS file you should install the RSS reader. The reader is a free software which operates like a plug-in to e.g an e-mail software or a browser. Find more information and the RSS readers here:
The RSS feeds on UOKiK’s website:


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